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Disposable Bipolar Forceps
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Jeweller #5 With 3m Cable
Art No # 80-4000-DP
Straight With 3m Cable
Art No # 30-4002-DP
Bayonet With 3cm Cable
Art No # 80-4004-DP
Straight European
Art No # 80-4006-DP
Straight European Angled
Art No # 80-4080-DP
Jeweller #5 US
Art No # 80-4010-DP
Adson US
Art No # 80-4012-DP
Jansen Bayonet US
Art No # 80-4014-DP
Jansen Bayonet Irrigation US
Art No # 80-4016-DP
Gerald Straight US
Art No # 80-4018-DP
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